THE Garden

Guests can enjoy  stylish outdoor dining in great comfort  on the dining terrace where there are eight large  all weather rattan chairs and a large rattan dining table .The dining terrace is conveniently positioned outside from the kitchen entrance door .

The garden surrounding Ballaminers House was once a field and now  contains many plants and shrubs native to Cornwall and is approximately one acre in size. It has been an interesting journey. When the house was purchased eight years ago it mainly comprised of trees and shrubs and attractive spring bulbs with no colour at the front of the house. Many possibilities came to mind and we knew that the result we wanted to achieve was that of a natural looking garden. We embarked on a programme of planting with very pleasing results. The house is double fronted as the photographs show and each side boasts an interesting display of flowering plants and shrubs. Included in the collection is mexican orange blossom, wisteria, clematis amandini, wild scented dog rose, hyacinths, vibernum. The path leading up to the front door is flanked by wonderfully large hidcot lavender plants and in april the lower garden is surrounded by highly scented lilac trees which are a magnet for visiting butterflies. Climbing the walls of both the front and sides of the house are various old fashioned roses many of which are from the David Austen collection. We have apple trees and blackcurrant bushes , planted pots of lavender , wallflowers, rosemary , winter jasmine and hydrangeas, different coloured azaleas , hosta and a colourful display of bulbs in the spring.


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